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Single Russian Girl Marina 72382

Marina, ID: 72382

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Beautiful Russian Woman Marina from Kiev

Member Comments

To All Those Curiously Skeptical Potential Members ~ This message is for you~! I was perhaps Dream Marriage`s biggest skeptic as to whether the women registered on this site were for real or not and if even Dream Marriage as a company was honorable. My first experience on Dream Marriage was looking at many profiles of many gorgeous women. I was totally convinced I was looking at beautiful photos of young women while perhaps it was some old man was writing me love letters from a remote office somewhere in Russia, or the Ukraine. I was so careful not to move forward with purchasing a higher membership level and credits for communicating with some of these women. In fact, I stayed on the outside looking in, with only a free membership for 1 year. During this first year, I read their online articles and testimonials, and I browsed the women`s profiles. Always thinking somehow Dream Marriage was only interested in profits~! How nice it was to learn I was totally WRONG~! My story truly begins when I decided to try their "Free 3 Day Trial Membership" ~ I signed up and then began to READ letters from women that had my attention. While reading these letters, I soon realized the women seemed like they were for real, and their letters were too. So, after my first 3 day trial, I canceled my membership, ONLY to watch and see if Dream Marriage would still charge my credit card or not. I was pleased to see they did NOT~! So, now here I was, believing more and more in Dream Marriage and the reality of the women writing me. However, one BIG problem of "reality" then became a main concern for me because I was still not convinced that a woman in her 20`s would be seriously interested in a man in his 50`s~? How could this be? I personally found myself trying to look for a woman closer to my age. I am 55, so I was browsing profiles of women 40 years and up. Perhaps sometimes I was curious about a woman in her late 30`s. But for sure, I could not imagine why some of these women who were only 18 - 27 were sending me letters of affection and desire~! So, the skeptic I am went to work to learn more about this. I decided to use some of my Introductory Letters to write to the women that I had been seeing online for 1 year. I wrote them and asked them why they were still online? Dream Marriage has over 500,000 male members and so the math did not make sense to me. How can one of the most beautiful women on Dream Marriage sort through thousands of letters and male profiles and still be single? I also wrote to some of the mature women and asked them why in their country so many young women would write to a mature man? Their answers to my questions confirmed for me that these were women who are seriously looking for a life partner and not just a playmate. Most of these beautiful women were overwhelmed with attention, but mostly from men who are not serious about relationships. Dream Marriage confirmed for me this is true. I saw a clearer picture of this situation, from the woman`s point of view, when one woman wrote me saying how for once, she would really like to hear a man say she is; "beautiful" instead of always hearing how "hot" she is. So now my skepticism changed focus. I realized the women are more skeptical of the men on Dream Marriage and rightly so. I knew if I stayed true to my intentions and my dream of meeting a nice woman was in fact a very "real dream" that I may have a chance at making come true here on Dream Marriage. With a new perspective as to what kind of business Dream Marriage is, and the type of male members they attract, and the reality of the women on Dream Marriage, who perhaps are the ones with the biggest dreams of all, and really who can blame them for wanting the dream of meeting a nice man and starting a new life with him, I was convinced I was in the right place for chasing my dream. When I first increased my membership so I could actually develop a relationship with a woman I liked, I was very pleased to see how every time I had a concern and wrote to the customer service people on Dream Marriage, I discovered I was dealing with professionals who answered all my concerns very quickly and when it came to some personal concerns, I mean this is an online dating site so there are going to be personal concerns as well, and each time I wrote to them I was treated respectfully. Now, I am pleased to say, I have met a wonderful young woman 22 years old, who has the same dream as I do. Currently, we are getting along fabulously and our relationship grows stronger with every letter we share and with every CHAT~! We now consider our relationship to be "boyfriend & girlfriend" and we have agreed to "go steady"~ I am new to online dating, and I find it kind of strange how even though we are on the opposite sides of the world, we have come together in a wonderful growing relationship thanks to Dream Marriage. Since I first became a member, I have followed Dream Marriage`s advice and protocol and I recently qualified to request my girlfriend`s contact information, which I did. Now, with all our letters printed and my passport in hand, I am applying for a travel visa to visit the Ukraine and meet my future wife. This is very exciting for both of us now~! As I write this letter, I realize I have gone from being Dream Marriage`s biggest skeptic to a man who is now living a dream come true~! In the words of my girlfriend who lives in the Ukraine, who has her own dream; "Thank God for the man who created Dream Marriage." I can only agree. In closing I am proud to say thanks to Dream Marriage we are both looking forward to becoming a Dream Marriage success story for 2011. Thank you Dream Marriage, Louis
- Louis B., Canada on 1 January 2011

Age: 30
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Zodiac: Aquarius
Height: 5' 8'' (172 cm)
Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg)
Eyes: green
Hair: light-brown
Occupation: Secretary
Education: graduate school
Religion: Christianity
Marital Status: never married
Kids: 0
Languages Spoken: English, Russian
English Proficiency: good
Smoking: no

I have a lot of things I like to do. I like travelling and to learn something new about other countries, their cultures and traditions. I like to listen to different kinds of music, going to the cinema, reading. I can say about myself that you are never bored with me.

More About Me

I'm a serious and mature woman who is looking for serious relationships only, so if you are looking for games I'm not the one you need. I'm going to relocate if my future husband would want it and I'm in an age when I can afford myself to make such big steps. I also can afford this financially so I'm not looking for a sugar daddy. So if you are serious, don't hesitate to write me? Optimistic, romantic, sensual, loving to smile and laugh. All this is about me too. It doesn't matter for me how old are you. I used to date a man of my age. It did not work out as I had a feeling I was dating a child.

Ideal Relationship

I am looking for a man who would not only fit in into my life but who would like to create a new life together with me. Being compatible is not enough. Being devoted and passionate to each other. Thatís what I want. I'm not one of those women who look for sponsors. I donít need Maserati. I donít need Bentley. I just wonder why so many women became obsessed about money and wealth. They donít want to work and sell themselves for money. It irritates a lot and makes me sad. I am serious and true woman. I am self made and I am mature. I know what I want from this life. I am not only for on-line communication. I want much more. Letís make steps to each other. I am for real meeting.

Looking For An Age Group

27 - 59

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