The single most important step you make will be your first letter to the lady or ladies you are interested in. This is the time for you to stand out or just to be another email they choose not to respond to. So before you write a short note telling her only your age, height and eye color consider what will be more interesting to her.

The advice we give here can be used as a guideline for any letters you wish to send to any ladies in the Former Soviet Union.

Writing to Many . . .

For larger agencies with thousands of women on them 'men in the know' suggest writing to as many women as you can and sending out a standard introduction letter if you want to be successful. Then whoever responds will be the ones you write a more personal letter for. In general this has a lot of merit. It can be exhausting and time consuming to write a new letter to each woman and honestly for the first letter how many different versions can you write anyway?

So if you are writing a common introduction letter to find out if the woman is still looking or if she is just interested or not in writing to you please think about what you will write to her. We want you to succeed...

Knowing all of this what should you write...? Well, give her something to read but not too much. Write a letter that is about 1 to 1-1/2 pages in length but not much longer. Explain why you decided to look to Russia for a woman. Ask a few questions about herself, her family and her friends. Show that you are interested in sharing information about yourself as much as you are interested in getting to know more about her.

It is important that in your letter you try to 'open up' correspondence. That is why it's important to share some personal details about yourself as well as asking a few simple questions of her. This way you have a better chance to get her interest and receive a reply. Yes, you should include the standard information about your age, height, children, where you live and attach pictures but this should be just a small portion of the letter in whole.

Avoid using heavy slang or abbreviations. Write using simple words but do not write at an 8-year-old's level either. Just consider that English is her second language if she speaks it at all and respect the difficulties she might have.

Writing to One . . .

The same general guidelines exist writing the first letter to only one specific woman that has caught your eye as when sending an introduction letter to many women at the same time. The one big difference is the level of personal content you will use.

If you find one woman that really captures your attention, tell her that. Address the letter to her personally and reference things you learned about her when reading her profile. Ask her questions; tell her you are excited about the chance to get to know her and that you hope she will find an interest in getting to know you better.

You have learned a little about her from her profile so be certain to share things about yourself. Often men write short letters simply asking the woman to tell the man about themselves. Well, in the woman's mind she did this in part with her profile so you should in fact be "replying" to the profile content in a way. This was here "Introduction" letter in a sense and you are "replying" to it. So do not make the common mistake of asking her to start all over. Ask her about things she has mentioned.

Your single biggest key to a successful letter is putting your thought into it. Women from Russia have very romantic hearts and your first letter is a wonderful opportunity for you to show them yours and to get them to open their heart to you.

Good luck!

Warm Regards,
Dream Marriage, Inc.


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