Know the Type of Woman You Want

It's important that you know the type of woman you are looking for. This may seem kind of obvious, but a lot of people donˇ¦t really sit down and think about the kind of woman they are attracted to. You want to think about the qualities you want your women to have. Making an inventory of what you want from a relationship may not sound romantic, but it is practical. If you do not know what you want, how can you find a relationship that encompasses everything you want and need in life?

Think about what you want in your woman. Do you want a party girl who's up for fun, or would your type of woman be the kind that stays home on weekends? Do you want a woman who is family oriented and the motherly type, or do you want the type who doesn’t want children? When you determine what qualities you are seeking, you can make that known. This will ensure that you meet the right women for you. When you let it be known that you are seeking a woman who loves travel and adventure, it is highly likely the home-body women will not contact you.

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