Preparing for Your First Dates... After You've Met Someone Online

Using online dating to meet someone that you will really mesh well with is a great idea. You can use profiles, pictures, and chat options to find a woman or man that you really like. Once you have spoken to them for a while and have grown fond of them, you may decide to have a first date. Here are some great tips on preparing for your first dates after you've met someone online.

Pay Attention – Paying attention to the things that your 'special someone' says is a great idea. This is a great way to pick up on things that will help you out on your first date with him or her. For example, if (s)he loves art, or talks about painting or drawing a lot, you can decide to take them to a nice art museum. This will show that you have really paid attention to what they've said. This should earn you some nice bonus points in the ‘dating' competition!

Here is a great example of using this method to have a really successful first date. A woman mentions that when she was a little girl, she wanted to be an ice skater, and then kind of laughs it off. Her date pays to have use of the local hockey arena after a game one night and makes the first part of their date a twirl around the rink! This is really romantic and your date will love the fact that you have customized a date based on who they are, and didn't go with something 'overdone' or generic. Read More >>>

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