Mistakes to Avoid When Dating Someone Online

Dating someone online can be really exciting and fun. You can meet all types of interesting people that you would never get to meet when dating the conventional way. It's a really great way to meet people that you are going to be really into and eventually find the person you want to pursue to the next level. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you're dating someone online.

When you're corresponding with a man or woman online, actually spelling your words out is a great idea. People who have spent a lot of time online have sort of developed their own code language. LOL! Well, when you're dating online, this might not be a good idea. It can seem really generic and like you don't necessarily mean what you say. Also, if you're dating someone from America or another country, they may not be fluent in your computer language! Imagine them looking at your sayings and thinking, 'huh?' It's best to just write out what you want to say and when you get to know the person better, then you can abbreviate more.

Don't exaggerate or 'stretch' the truth. Sometimes dating online can be intimidating and in the moment we can get caught up in our words. This can lead us to tell little white lies to make ourselves look better or more interesting. You should avoid this at all costs, and be honest about who you are and what you're interested in. This will be a lot better in the long run. If you pursue a relationship with someone you've stretched the truth with, they may find out that you weren't being truthful. This can ruin a perfectly good relationship and give your 'special someone' a reason not to trust you. Read More >>>

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