Understanding Cultural Differences with Your Russian Woman

If you are dating or plan on dating a Russian woman, you want to be sure that the things you do please her. For this reason, it's important to understand the cultural differences with her and you. What might be absolutely normal behavior to an American woman could deeply offend your Russian woman. This article looks at important cultural differences and offers tips to help you sweep your Russian woman off her feet.

One of the largest cultural differences between American women and Russian women is that Russian women are typically not of the feminist mindset. They are very content and in fact happy with their husbands being the head of the household. They respect their men and they want to be cherished as women. They also feel that it's important to never humiliate their husbands or damage their pride. For instance, even if something is really bothering a Russian woman about her husband, she would never voice her problems in public because it would be disrespectful and humiliating to her husband.

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