Preventing Scams When Dating Someone Online

When you're dating online, you have unlimited potential of finding someone that will absolutely be perfect for you. You also have the potential of getting scammed by lying con-artists. When you're dating online, there are many different things you can do to prevent scams and ensure that you donít end up a victim. This article discusses how you can prevent scams when dating someone online.


When you're talking to someone that you are really starting to like, one of the things you can do is request more than one picture from her. Many scams take place when men or others purchase or steal a picture of a beautiful woman and use it for the profile of the 'woman' you're speaking with. By asking for more than one picture, you can determine a little bit more about the woman you are talking to. If she provides more than one or even several which seem like normal pictures and not modeling shots, it's a good sign! However, if she is unable to provide you with more than one picture Ė be cautious.

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