How to Write a Poem for Your Russian Woman When You Hate Writing

A poem is one of the most wonderful gifts a man can give his Russian woman. It shows that he is thinking of her, what he feels about her and how much he cares for her. However, it's no secret that many men don't like writing and in fact, most men don't want anything to do with writing about their emotions. However, you can still give your Russian woman an amazing poem, even when you hate writing. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

They're Just Words…

A poem is just words and if you simply can't make them rhyme, it doesn't matter. Try writing some words that describe your Russian woman and before you know it, you will have a poem. Simply be honest in the way that you feel and let her know just how important she is. This is an easy way to create a poem for your Russian woman – even if you hate writing. Take a picture that you think she would love and write the poem on the back. You will have no idea how much she will love it!

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