Anastasia, ID: 3573927

Age: 25
City: Lutsk
Country: Ukraine
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 5' 9'' (175 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Occupation: Journalist
Education: graduate school
Religion: Orthodoxy
Marital Status: never married
Kids: 0
Languages Spoken: English, Russian
English Proficiency: intermediate
Smoking: no


I do not have much free time, because I am constantly busy with something. My hobbies quite different. I love movies. I like to view not only the new films. And especially I love going to the cinema. It's very atmospherical. Also I like to spend my free time with a book and, sometimes, when there is an inspiration, I try to write by myself. Since I am a journalist by training, such a literary work I really like. I like to take part in photo shoots, to which I am invited. Try on different images is very exciting. In the future I want to learn more about photograph and take pictures, because catching moments in the photographs. This is beautiful art. I like to draw. It is my passion from childhood and it is always uplifting. To keep myself in good shape I go to the gym and take the classes of modern dance. It is useful for the body and soul. Besides these, I have one, perhaps not quite girlish infatuation. It is firearms. I must say that I am a pacifist and I am shoot only at targets. But it's a real adrenaline and fun! So I have never losing the ability to shoot. Still I very much want to learn extreme driving and dream to jump with a parachute. So, I think in the near future, a list of my hobbies will replenished!

More About Me

Each of us, being born is special, unique. And that our uniqueness is manifested in everything - from the skills and talents to the hump on the nose and the lines on the hands of fate. So different, we live, learn, develop, constantly changing. Everyone opens this world for themselves and open to him in return. Sometimes we are in different circumstances forming the vision, goals and values. Nothing stands still, the world go along with it moves people. So when I need to tell you about myself in a few words, to be honest, it's hard. But I will try. In order to open up to others, and to better understand myself. Since my childhood I was very fidgety and inquisitive child. It's something that has stayed with me now. I adore to learn something new, gain new knowledge, broaden their horizons, to go beyond the ordinary and usual. So I love interesting new for acquaintance and intercourse, love to travel. I've heard the expression that one day of travel can supersede the 10 years spent at home - and I agree.Thanks to upbringing of my parents, I always try to respect people and behave that way how I wanted be they do with me. Therefore, first of all, I appreciate the honesty, openness, sincerity and humanity. It's not just words - it's my guidance in my life. I believe in the fact that around the world - a reflection of yourself. So grateful to God for the people he sends me, for the successes and failures. All this helps me to look at ourselves and become better. But life is given to us not only to study and work, is not it? Relax and enjoy every moment as art. So I'm glad all weathers, to find the beauty in everyday things and use all the opportunity that was given to me. Enjoy a delicious meal and a good movie, I admire the sunset, dance in the pleasure and dream of plenty. In general, in one sentence, I would say about myself, I am a child, a daughter, girl, woman, expectant mother and wife, human and person. I'm different and combines all these facets. And I would like very much to meet the man, who would have known and loved me in all aspects.

Ideal Relationship

How I see a perfect relationship? As for me, relationships are never "perfect" in the conventional sense of the word. This is a microcosm of the two like-minded people who have the same love and accept each other as both advantages and disadvantages. It's understanding and support on an intuitive level, as otherwise it can not be. It is the mutual desire to make each other happy, falling by the wayside its own selfishness. In one of my favorite movies is a phrase: źNow, since the real test for any choice is having to make the same choice again, knowing full well what it might cost╗. So, the ideal relationship is a relationship with a man, which we want to opt over and over again, even knowing that we will share with each other not only joy, but sorrow too. Of course, I like every woman, want to have some romantic staff, every day I want to feel myself beloved and cherished, waking up with your loved one, want to hear from him tender words, to feel his care. I want to see in this man the father of our future children, the strong and wise, who will always be here and will take care of his family. For the sake of the happiness I am ready to give back a hundredfold more! All my heat, my care and tenderness, my sensuality and passion, my loyalty. Because I has long been dreaming to brew two cups of coffee in the morning.

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