Maria, ID: 3792016

Age: 23
City: Vologda
Country: Russian Federation
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 5' 9'' (176 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Eyes: blue
Hair: blond
Occupation: dancer
Education: graduate school
Religion: Christianity
Marital Status: never married
Kids: 0
Languages Spoken: English, Russian
English Proficiency: intermediate
Smoking: no


Every person has passion for something or does something for pleasure. This is called a hobby. Some people like collecting different objects, some adore handmade things, others simply love reading books. My most important hobby is writing poems. Once upon a time I seriously thought of becoming a poet. But this profession is impossible to make a living. Now I write my poetry for pleasure. Many people say that I'm very talented, but I do not think so. I recently started making videos with my poetry, it looks nice and interesting. People like it. My second biggest hobby has always been dancing. For the first time my Mum brought me to a dancing workshop when I was five. Then I learned my first dance. When I studied at school, I toured several cities with our dancing group. I was fortunate to have a wonderful dance teacher, who taught me to love the expression of movements, the body language, and of course music. Unfortunately, when I entered the university, I had to drop my dancing classes. My studies took much time, and I had to choose between good marks at the university and dancing. Now I graduated, and I can dance again. I prefer modern trends: twerk, strip of plastic and stretching. It creates a good mood and makes me confident. I also like reading. It is wonderful when you feel the cover of this book, breathe on its smell and hear how pages are rusted. When you are sitting in a comfortable armchair, your mind has a wonderful travels and amazing adventures. I have a wide circle of interests. I always find time for fitness, photo, handmade genuine leather, knitting, walking with my wonderful husky Lagertha. Sometimes I regret that in the day of 24 hours. I would like to buy many more skills in this life.

More About Me

Let me tell you few words about myself. My name is Maria Fedorovtseva but my friends call me Mary or Marie. I am from Russia. I was born in Sokol. It is a small town in the north of the country. There are a strong winds and beautiful forests. I come from a large family. My family is very important for me. All members of my family are helpful and friendly. I have a father, a mother, younger brother and sister. I graduated from University in 2015. I majored in advertising and PR. Unfortunately, I don't work on specialty. This area is not developed in our country. As for my interests, I am fond of dancing, handmade, poetry, reading, traveling. When I have some free time I go to a gym. People who know me well, say that I am a sunny, interesting and creative person. I always have lot of ideas how I can have a good time. I appreciate sincerity and trust and I hate when people lie and betray. I want to live my life with dignity and leave my mark.

Ideal Relationship

Every lady has her own idea of a handsome man, and I`m not an exception. Thus my idea differs dramatically from those of other women, who have quite similar images of perfect gentlemen. For instance, the majority of women wants their ideal man to be tallish and well-build, broad-shouldered, even athletic, tanned. He should also be fair-haired or even blond, with blue deep eyes and long dark eyelashes. Most women want their man not to wear beard, moustache or sideburns. As for the personality, they want their handsome man to be kind-hearted, open-minded, and reliable, the one they can count on, generous and devoted, you know what I mean. I greatly respect all this ideas, but I can that they are not for me. I can easily claim that I don`t really care about man`s appearance due to the fact that his person is far more important for me. However, I don`t want to disregard the fact that appearance matter greatly. So, my idea of a handsome man is as following. I should be well and reliably with a man. It must be a soul mate, to be able to understand each other. Man could be totally different, not like me. But if we feel well, we will have a good and interesting time together. His personality, which is far more important for me than appearance, needs more time to be discussed. For example, I really want him to be soft-hearted, passionate, highly intellectual and intelligent, open-minded and inquiring, sociable and generous, may be a bit bossy, but never obstinate and stubborn as well as timid or coward. I can`t stand people who are jealous or mean as well as greedy and hot-tempered, that`s why he mustn`t have such features of character. Thus, I know it perfectly well that a person can`t be only vice or virtue, but every man combines bad and good points of character. That`s why my idea will always be just an idea of a handsome man.

Looking For An Age Group

30 - 50

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