The Importance of Date Nights after Marriage

Before marriage, most couples are in the 'exciting,' dating stage of their relationship. Things are fun, new and fresh. After marriage, it is not uncommon for the routines of daily life, jobs and even children to bring down the excitement level and leave things a little dull. This article discusses the importance of date nights after marriage and how they help the happiness and health of the marriage.

Bring Back the Excitement

Date nights allow you to step out of the 'family' home and become an adult two people, a couple again as opposed to just a husband, a wife, a mom or a dad. This in itself is enough reason to have a date night each week. However, another thing it does is bring back the excitement you feel about your partner and vice versa. Dressing up, spending time together, laughing and having intimate time are all amazing ways to bring back the excitement and they can all be done with a date night.

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