7 Tips to Successfully Date Russian Women

You might be a bit nervous when you begin dating Russian women. You are probably unfamiliar with what they believe is good manners, or the sign of a good man. You might feel a bit intimidated with dating someone who is not from a place that you are familiar with. Don't worry, Iíve got you covered! Below are 10 tips to successfully date Russian women.

  1. Be yourself. You should be totally honest with your Russian woman. You want her to like or fall in love with you for who you truly are, and not some made up altar ego. You would appreciate it if your Russian woman was completely honest with you, so do the same for her. Be honest about how much money you make, what kind of person you are, and what you like and dislike. This will ensure that the Russian women you meet will like you for who you truly are.
  2. Dress neatly and be well groomed. Russian women usually dress very nicely all the time. This doesn't mean you have to run out and buy designer clothing, just that you should dress neatly. Wear nice fitting clothes that are neat and pressed. Make sure that your hair is cut well and your facial hair is groomed neatly. Russian women appreciate a man who knows how to look his best.
  3. If you will be entertaining a Russian woman in your home, ensure that your house is nice and tidy. Along with personal tidiness, it will make a good impression if your home is clean and neat. Remember that your home is an extension of yourself. To make your home more welcoming, light a few candles and play some soft music.
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