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Single Russian Girl Galina 1034697

Galina, ID: 1034697

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Beautiful Russian Woman Galina from Mariupol

Member Comments

Odessa is my favorite city in Ukraine. The lovely parks, beautiful beaches, , it is Yalta without the mountains. And as many people have told me, many lovely women in Odessa. If you want to raise the jealousy hormones in a woman, just tell them you are going to Odessa. Without them! The blood pressure quickly rises, You may hear sounds like a female tigress about to bite the head off a squealing pig, and maybe observe how some of them can make their hair stand straight up in the air with envy.Yes, defy gravity! It was my third visit to Odessa. this time I was staying at a hotel on the famed Deribasovskaya Street.(dont ask me how to pronounce it) As I arrived in the taxi, I saw thousands of people on the street As I hurriedly checked into the hotel, I jokiingly asked the receptionist if all these people were here to greet me upon my return. The stern look on her face and raised eyebrow, when translated, said something like` I dont THINK so!` (emphasis added!) So I quickly joined the festivities out on this famed street. The next morning i asked the receptionist how to get to the beach. This lady was a friend of mine who I had met on a previous stay at this hotel, and she pulled out a map and showed me the way to the nearest beach. she told me it would take about 15 minutes to walk there. I told her that I had stayed at a hotel on that beach once before, and maybe with her short legs it would only take 15 minutes, but it took me a lot longer than 15 minutes to walk from that area to this famous street, and when i walked back to that hotel I took the wrong street and I think I walked all the way to Moldova before i turned around. She looked at me with her stern look and raised eyebrow and said something like` next time fatty, use your brain instead of your feet!` The beaches were amazing. thousands of people. In full disclosure, not all of them should be in on a beach. When I returned to the hotel, I checked my letters from the agency, and there was a new letter from an old friend, Miss Anne. She is from Khersen, and is actually one of the first ladies I wrote to when I was new at this site. We became instant friends back then when she told me she worked in gold and diamonds. I replied that all women work with gold and diamonds, and after breathing and manicures it is the next thing they learn in life. Well, finally, one of them admitted it!Anne was also the first lady to invite me to visit her. Well, I was new to this site, I didnt know where Khersen was located much less how to get there, so I declined her invitation. Well, she showed me, she quit the agency. Over the years, she has come and gone form this site several times, but a few months ago she reappeared and assured me that this time she was serious in her search. HMMMM, we we will see. So now I sit in my room and read this nice letter from her, and with a big smile on my face i reply that I am in Odessa at this famed street, and to eat her heart out! The next thing i know, she is on her her way to visit. So the next morning she arrives for what was a very pleasant and enjoyable two day visit. We had nice walks around all of the beautiful parks in the city. My favorite is Gorsky park. I believe anyone can find something there that you like, a restaurant, a street band, or just watching the sights . it is lovely . For some reason, I spend a lot of my time in Ukraine shopping for ladies clothes! Anne was no exception, and her choice of a new dress was both pleasing to the eyes and easy on the wallet As we walked up the street for dinner, one lady stopped us and told her that she was the prettiest lady on the street. I completely agreed. After a lovely dinner, we walked around some more. We stopped and talked for awhile in front of the famed opera house. There was a full moon, a lovely breeze from the sea, it was a awesome evening. The next day, Anne departed for her home and her gold and diamonds in Khersen. I had one more day in Odessa before i returned to Kiev. Odessa this time of the year is amazing. There is a daily migration of thousands of people. Bikinis and thongs on the beach during the daytime, to heels and minis along the famed Deribasovskaya Street in the evening. It is a sight that should not be missed! Here is a photo of us beneath the moonlight in front of the opera house.
- Lawrence S., United States on 7 September 2015

Age: 50
City: Mariupol
Country: Ukraine
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 5' 7'' (170 cm)
Weight: 148 lbs (67 kg)
Eyes: green
Hair: brown
Occupation: seamer
Education: some college
Religion: Orthodoxy
Marital Status: never married
Kids: 1
Languages Spoken: English, Russian, French
English Proficiency: basic
Smoking: no

I like growing flowers and making something with my own hands.

More About Me

I am a kind and loyal woman. I adore children and like to help people. I feel better when people smile.

Ideal Relationship

When I close my eyes I imagine YOU. In my dreams you are a thrifty and independent but at the same time you may be friendly, compassionate, attentive, lavish and careful. If we are different, we will complete each other, if we are similar it will be easier to understand each other.

Looking For An Age Group

52 - 62

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