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Single Russian Girl Maria 3515738

Maria, ID: 3515738

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Beautiful Russian Woman Maria from Odessa

Member Comments

I have been online with Dream marriage for about almost 2 years. I have been online for dating sites for about 4 years. On this site the ladies are verifiable. On this site the chat is available to real women. On this site, the letters go to the lady and she writes back what you sent to her. On this site you can send flowers and they are given to her the way you ask for and the pictures are there as evidence plus the letter from her that she is grateful for them. On this site, Alena from Simferopol and I have built many discussions of many issues surrounding the true friendship meaning, children and the info of our families on either side if the globe. many things have happened around the world since November 17 2008 when we first met. Our sense of meaning and concern for each other and support has grown deeper and with more and more open sharing of feelings about many things and our dreams and hopes for the future of uniting to make a family and give happiness to each other under any and all circumstances. Relationships are hard work. It takes time and the ability to listen carefully to the others concerns and to be honest about everything with each other,,,,,even when no one is looking!!! Many personal photos have been sent to each other. The personal information has been shared and I have successfully sent letters and music in the postal mail to Alena who gratefully received them and enjoys our friendship. We plan to meet over next year after I finish school cert and we will tour Kiev together where she meets me and then we will go to Simferopol to meet her family. It is all coming true step by step. I am finding great support with Alena from to her and from her to me in many things. Words are important as they make up 90 percent of a relationship. Before any perfume or cologne is smelled, before any dancing real close is done, before the spending of thousands of dollars is spent....the homework is done between the 2 people to look into the soul of the other and build understanding......the bond develops far past the looking at bikinis or the handsome stud.......real human feelings about serious issues are shared on this site.........problems of relationship are shared and hopes and inner aspirations are shared openly about what is to be done and who a person is looking for. I have talked on the phone with Alena. She was very very receptive and all aligned with our letters and pictures for true identity. The way to success has been paved....we are doing the driving and exercising the due diligence of literate efforts to communicate each of our intentions and foundations for what we stand for and respect in the other person and of our selves. Sincerity, trust and mutual understanding are guiding our chats and emails and tine is bringing us closer and closer to each other. After the time of much communication by soul in letters and chat and phone.......we are ready to met and take the second critical step of seeing how we each act in public with each other and consider the customs of each different countries in addition to our personalities. A clear picture develops in the mind of each to each other and even a spiritual bond develops to a solid foundation of understanding far exceeding the spoken and written word....which all churches speak of that have a real testimony of the reality of the power of unseen but real things and forces of life. Bonding can be built that is stronger than the chains of death and miles of distance that are real and uplifting to both as they prepare to complete and consumate the relationship of understanding...for I believe that knowing the person is far more stable than just kissing or hugging them. We are dating for marriage which is not a one night stand...but a path to eternity under lined and guided by a sacred ordinance which is the making of a family unit that endures all things with all that we have inside of courage and character in the relationship. Dream-marriage wants to provide this wonderful opportunity to unite 2 people from afar building the solemn and sensitive relationship of understanding and trust and tender caring that comes form patient communication and unselfish understanding of the many obstacles to overcome on either side of the computer medium for communication that is a descendent from the letter by pony express that could take weeks in the old days of letter writing and with no cameras and only a telegraph message which most people back then could not even afford. I feel sorry for people on these sites who are too lazy to learn the skills of literary communication to gain the prize of the fruit of patient relationship building which involves using the human mind and heart together in writing and speaking when building a wholesome and lasting relationship of love and trust which is hard to find....easy to lose without sincerity. I know that if any are seeking for deception of most of these ladies who have real lives and are looking to build something beautiful for their lives and for their chosen companions on this site...the love and companionship can and will be one that both will never forget....and the eternal promise of happiness that comes form such work and commitment to build such a beautiful dream of love and trust between two people will testify of al the efforts and sacrifices that were given in the building of a long physical distance friendship but which had no diminishing effect whatsoever in the strength of bond that is developed by true and sincere writing and speaking and pondering and sharing between two sincere people through the wonderful medium of computer and camera on line, when the right attitude and efforts are applied by both, following the rules and guidelines of the site that dream marriage provides all clients.
- John M., United States on 13 October 2009

Age: 27
City: Odessa
Country: Ukraine
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 5' 5'' (165 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Eyes: blue
Hair: blond
Occupation: lawyer
Education: graduate school
Religion: Christianity
Marital Status: divorced
Kids: 1
Languages Spoken: English, Russian
English Proficiency: basic
Smoking: no

Horse-riding, fitness, tennis, reading, travelling, arts, spa, cuisine.

More About Me

Beware - My passion can be contagious. I am tender and gentle, sincere and honest, very feminine and sensuous, sexy and passionate. I am very romantic, open-minded and a one-man woman. I am family-oriented, loyal and trustworthy, very giving, supportive and caring. I consider myself a sweet girl with a soft personality.

Ideal Relationship

Success in love comes with taking risks. I am confident, serious, but with a sense of humour and I'm mature enough to have a family of my own. I love life, love children and I am looking for a serious, kind, honest man for marriage. I would like to meet my true love and best friend, someone who shares my temperament and interests. I want to give everything to my special man as a woman, wife, friend and lover. I am ready for a fundamental change in my life and I hope to create a strong, harmonious marriage based on love, spiritual closeness and mutual understanding. I believe I will make a very loving wife for you!

Looking For An Age Group

30 - 50

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