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Irina, ID: 3091084

Irina's Videos

Age: 22
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 5' 4'' (162 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
Eyes: blue
Hair: blond
Occupation: Student (Engineer)
Education: high school
Religion: Christianity
Marital Status: never married
Kids: 0
Languages Spoken: English, Russian
English Proficiency: intermediate
Smoking: no


Hobby is what a person likes to do in his spare time. Hobbies differ like tastes. If you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste you are lucky because your life becomes more interesting. The most popular hobby is doing things. It includes a wide variety of activities from gardening to traveling, from chess to volley-ball. Both grown-ups and children are fond of playing different computer games. This hobby is becoming more and more popular. Making things include drawing, painting, handicrafts. Many people collect something - coins, stamps, compact discs, toys, books. Some collections have some value. Rich people often collect paintings, rare things and other art objects. Often such private collections are given to museums, libraries. As for me, I like to listen to music. 3 months ago my parents bought me a compact disc player and I decided to collect compact discs. I like different music, it should be good. I collect discs of my favorite groups and singers. I carefully study the information printed on disc booklets. I try to find everything about my favorite singers. Also I like to watch music programs on TV. I want to keep up with the news in the world of music. Of course, I like to spend my spare time with my friends. We talk about all sorts of things . We discuss films, books, TV programs. In fine weather we like to be in the open air. We find a nice place somewhere in the forest. We make a fire, bake potatoes and have a lot of fun. When the weather is bad, my friends come to my place. We have a good time together.

More About Me

From the very start I should say that it is not an easy thing to speak about myself as it is hard to have a look at yourself from aside, but at the same time who knows you better than you yourself do? When I look at myself in the mirror I see a blond girl with long straight hair, blue eyes and a slender figure. As to my appearance I'm rather tall and slim. I have never thought I'm a beauty, I wish I were more beautiful. I think that I'm even tempered, rather reserved, calm and modest. But sometimes I can lose my temper and become either angry or sad. I like staying alone and sometimes I retreat into my shell. But at the same time I like my friends, I like to laugh and joke. I have a good sense of humor. It means I understand humor and appreciate it. There are many things in our life I like and some I dislike. I like when everything is OK. Being happy is one way of being wise. I like to study because knowledge is useful sometimes. I'm fond of reading as it gives not only knowledge, but also wonderful moments of joy and pleasure. I am neither short nor tall, so I like to wear high-heeled shoes, trousers or jeans.

Ideal Relationship

I think for many women the ideal relationship is the one between a mother and her son/daughter. Or at least that's what they dream of when wanting kids, no. Isn't it one of the main reasons to have a kid? For some, the answer is the one between a guy and his mother - that influences how many men choose a wife. For some the relationship is that of friendship and so on. So first we need to decide what kind of relationship do we consider the ideal one. Let's then assume the answer is erotic love between a couple. What is the ideal such relationship. The question reminds me of discussions (and many jokes) of heaven. What is heaven? Is it a place where you are constantly calm, serious, with no passion? Is it a place where fun and passion can exist? There are many jokes of people choosing to go to hell as something actually happens there. I would say it is similar in relationships. To continue Ram's nice description in this post in the discussion on Woody Allen's Vicky Chrisitina Barcelona, which transformed itself into a discussion on relationships, one can choose the calm relaxing relationship. But if one wants passion and heights of emotion, well they can't expect it not to occur elsewhere and lead to arguments (as the movie shows very well). Sadly, relationship could thus become extremely Hellish, and not necessarily from being overly passionate, but also from a lack of passion and being trapped (like the tree Emily mentions in this post). Moreover, if people mentioned how the past appears in our relationships (still in the conversation between Emily and Ram on Vicky), I'm reminded of the book 1984 where people had their own private hell depending on what scares them the most. This is sadly also the potential in a relationship as we tend to conceive of what scares us most (am now thinking of the movie the Sphere), and create our own hell in the world. Ideal relationship then, are passionate in just the right places and calm in others, isn't that exactly the question of Heaven? Perhaps people knowing those discussions can enlighten us on what they came up with? and how to find it, or even create it while still living. Like Greogry mentions in a post on "Do animals have rhythm", where he quotes Messiaen: Eternity is one tone, split it in half and there is rhythm.

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